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Dear friends!

Welcome to Bali!

One of the most beautiful, exotic and mysterious islands, where your dreams become true.

Our company Ladinatour are happy to see you and organize tours for you to suit your holiday preferences. We invite you to make individual trips around Bali and other islands of Indonesia.

We make individual programs to suit your own individual needs. Our tours are tailor made for you and your timescales. We hope our website will help you to see different parts of Indonesia and plan your journey with maximum quality and minimum expenses. Our aim is to show you the most exotic and beautiful parts of Indonesia that we love.

All programs include lunch or dinner in traditional restaurants and coffee shops. You will have chance to taste local food with guaranteed quality. Lunch and dinner includes soft drinks or fresh juices.

All our drivers are professional and we use luxury and safe transport.

The numerous guide books available only skim the surface of the diverse culture and beauty of the Indonesian Archipelago. Our guides have a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge that they are passionate about sharing. Our personalised tours will help you to understand the culture of Indonesia and show you the most beautiful, colourful and exciting places. After you have been on one of our tours you will love this country and have great, lasting memories to take home.

On the list of programs you can see the most exotic places of Indonesia. We also have extreme programs including rock climbing, jungle trekking, flying, diving and fishing. You can chose any or many of them and send your request to us. We will calculate the price of your tailor made program and let you know before you make your final decision.

Travel with us!

We will be glad to see you soon!

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